Talking about Indian films, ‘Bahubali 2’ and ‘Dangal’ have earned names all over the world. Bahubali 2 earned 1800 crores .. Dangal earned 2000 crores. But …. if we say that a film has earned more than 1000 crores in just 3 days.


Yes, we are talking about the Hollywood movie ‘It’. This is a horror movie … which is being liked very much across the world. This film is based on the popular horror writer Stephen King’s novel. The film has collected 1150 million collections at the Worldwide box office in just 3 days.

The picture is still there!

Let me tell you, this film is made in two parts. The first part was released on September 8. While the second part will be released in 2019.

Record broken first day

The film earned 326.2 million on the first day. Record of Bumper Earnings on the first day of release was the name of the release of 2013 ‘The Conjuring’ earlier. Which earned 262.2 million on the first day.

Was not being released

You can also guess from the horror that this movie is a movie, that the film certification board had refused to give it a release certificate without any restrictions.

Movie story

The story of the film begins with the city of Derry. A dreaded dredge where there exists The ‘It’ seen in the dress of a clown is behind the children of this city.

The story is exciting

The specialty of ‘It’ is that the things that made her look only to the children and the big ones can not feel them. It is exciting to see how horrified children’s groups fight ghostly Joker.



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