Marvel Comics’ Favorite Character ‘Hulk’ is coming to knock again on the big screen. This time he will also see two hands with Thor. This battle of Thor and Hulk will be seen in Thor Ragnarok. This is the third film of Thor Series. Mark Roofello, the character of the film Bruce Banner aka Hulk will play. He has said that he has enjoyed playing these two characters.

Hulk turned back

Mark Rufello has said about his character, “Hulk can be happy and unhappy too. If he is not alive just because of anger, then we can find his characters and specialties too. Like what he does. What is the account and whether he sleeps? Since then I have been looking for answers to these questions since I am playing this character. Banners and Hulk are very different from each other. I have to play very different characters in this film, it’s a great experience. “‘Thor: Ragnarok’ will be released on November 3.

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