The X Man Series is also quite famous in India. After the recent movie Logan, it was believed that the film franchise will be stopped here. But the fans do not need to be disappointed because they will now be making films like ‘Deadpool’.
Finish X Man’s Franchise

Fox Studios is again present with a new movie as if it were the latest news. This new mutant film is called ‘The New Mutants’ and it appears to be telling a new story different from the films of X-Men.

x man

Five mutants which are in captivity of common people and are being used on them. There is a ghost that is locked in a lab. Coming out with the new film, the 21st Century Fox X Man Series 11th The last movie of ‘X Man’, ‘Logan’ had received an amazing response and with the film franchise, the most popular role of X-Men was LOGNE.

But the makers had finished the film with the death of Logan but the reboot of the XMan series is not over yet. But Australian actor Hugh Jackman, famous in Logan’s character, has definitely said goodbye to the XMan series.

Tom Hundleston, will start shooting in his old role in ‘Avengers 4’


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