The ‘Justice League’ is made up of many famous characters of DC Comics. Justice League was formed along the lines of ‘Avengers’ of Marvel Comics. This is to save the world from the league supervillains. Apart from each other, all these superheroes fight with their enemies, but when they get together, they leave every evil. On November 17, the film ‘Justice League’ is being released on these characters. Before watching the movie, let’s know who are the warriors of this league.

Superman: The history of a superman in the world’s first superheroes is about 90 years old. It was born in 1933. Born on the planet named Krypton, Superman came to Earth after the conquest of the house. The couple whom he brought here, he was a farmer from the profession. His name came on the planet, Clark Kent. From childhood, it has more power than humans. That’s why he became a superman for saving the world from evil.


Wonder Woman: Amazon Queen Diana has trained like a warrior since childhood. He got to know about an increasing battle in the world, by an American pilot. Diana felt that he could stop this war. That’s why he left his house and got to save the world from war. During this war, he got full knowledge of his true power.


Batman: This cartoon character, born in 1939, has a childish childhood. The son of a wealthy parent was killed when Bruce Wayne was eight years old. Bruce was thrown by his butler Alfred Bruce, who was afraid of bats in his childhood, won his fear and became Batman.


Flash: The mother of NannyBerry Ellen, died in a strange situation. Berry’s life was postponed after this. Her father was jailed for the crime of mother’s blood. Meanwhile, Berry drowned herself completely in science and became a flash.


Aquaman: The world inside the sea is different. The emperor of this world is Aquaman He can talk to the fish. He has a tropical weapon.

Cyborg: This half-human and half-robot composed of human and information technology is the newest member of the Justice League. Its brain moves faster than the computer. It was first made part of the Comics Book in the year 1980. That was the beginning of the computer era and for this reason, Cyborg soon became famous among children and young people.

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