American technology giant Apple has launched a new YouTube channel. Its purpose is to tell people how to use Apple’s device. These include devices like iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch. Initially, the company has posted iPhones and iPads of Tutorials. It explains how to take a screenshot, how to send it with an attachment email, how to delete the pictures, how to delete the photos.


The videos posted on this YouTube channel are small and the largest video is 2 minutes. There are also English captions in videos which you can call subtitles to make it easy to understand.

On YouTube, this channel is named as Apple Support and it has also been validated by YouTube Until the news is written, more than 24,000 subscribers have been created and so far 10 videos have been posted from this YouTube channel.

According to YouTube, this channel was made on October 5. The description of this channel says, ‘Tips, Tricks and How to be directly from Apple’. That is, Apple Direct will tell its customers mobile tips and tricks here.

Significantly, Apple has not made official announcement about this YouTube channel. But the company also supports social media even earlier. Micro Blogging Website Twitter and Social Media Website is also an Apple Support Page on Facebook from which support can be taken.

At present Apple’s flagship iPhone X is out of stock and the company is increasing its production.


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