This year Apple has surprised everyone by releasing the iPhone X. Despite being the most expensive iPhone from Apple, its demand remained. Its price was kept up to Rs 1 lakh. But now it has been reported that a duplicate smartphone has been prepared, which is run on Android with minimal bevel and its price is about $ 300, i.e. close to around 19,300


This duplicate smartphone is made by Chinese smartphone maker Leagoo and named it S9. Leagoo is a smartphone maker company that creates duplicate models of flagship devices of other big companies. It includes Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple. As a reference to Leagoo MIX, it looks like a Mi Mix, similarly LeGoo’s S8 looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

The company’s latest Leagoo S9 has been completely designed along the lines of Apple’s iPhone X. It also has a minimum of Beige, Nach Cutout and Vertical Camera Setup like back in the original iPhone X. The Leagoo S9 also has a fingerprint scanner that is present on its back, but the fingerprint scanner was removed from the iPhone X.

Leagoo S9 has a 5.85-inch AMOLED display. It has a MediaTek P40 processor with 6GB RAM. Its internal storage is 128GB. There are 16 megapixels in the back-facing camera of the iPhone X. However, this smartphone has not yet been officially launched. So the only information here is from the references of Mac Rumours.


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