When it comes to gaming, the best gear can be the difference between a good and a great gamer. When it comes to upgrading this gaming rig, most gamers look at the new GPU or a new processor.

However, a great gaming monitor can also help you to increase your skills, especially if you play a lot of online games. After all, the monitor decides how you see the game world and high-quality devices give more benefits than just showing things beautiful.


Investing in a high-quality monitor like LG 24GM79 and LG 34UC79G not only gives you a great experience of gaming in High-Quality Monitor but also reduces blurring, also offers many other benefits including screen teasing. These can spoil your gaming experience. Let’s see what features and features need to be seen while buying a new gaming monitor.

Response Time

As a Gamer, you will need a monitor that provides fast response and refresh rates. The pixel response rate is the time taken by switching between colors by a pixel. The faster this switch is, the better the response rate. A Regular Monitor usually gives a response time of 5ms, however, with Motion Blur Reduction Technology, LG’s gaming monitors are able to deliver response times of 1ms. So if you are in Asport, LG 24GM79 Monitor is a good option for you, which you can consider.

Refresh rate

The higher the monitor’s refresh rate, the better it is. Slow refresh rates have trouble displaying fast-motion action scenes in the monitor, in which they appear to blur and unnatural. Gaming monitors like LG 24GM79 and 34UC79 offer refresh rates equal to 144Hz. This means that the problem of scary tearing will be very low while playing the game.

Panel size and resolution

When it comes to the display, it is usually better to have a larger display. The 24-inch panel like the LG 24GM79 should be enough for most gamers. Also, you can consider the Ultra-Wide Monitor like LG 34UC79G. These monitors have an aspect ratio of 21: 9, whereas in traditional monitors, 16: 9 aspect ratios have been used. Consequently, you get a wider viewing angle and gives you a good gaming experience.

Additional facilities

Apart from this, gaming monitors should also come up with some extra features, which help in enhancing the efficiency of a gamer. LG Gaming Monitors also come with gaming-centric features like Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync (DAS), and custom gaming modes. Black stabilizer works to increase brightness in dark areas. During gaming, you can easily target enemies hidden in the dark by using it. DAS helps keep things simple. Another feature of monitors is custom gaming mode such as FPS or RTS. These features are very useful for users during gaming.

Ports and ergonomics

If you are buying a monitor for gaming, it would be better to buy a monitor offering a display port with an HDMI port. Also, make sure your monitor has a height adjustment stand, which helps you adjust the heating. Who wants to play the game for a long time every gamer


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