Jumanji is full of thrills, thrills, and comedy that can be seen repeatedly, the other part seems to be such that some of South’s movies are seen, in the background of the forest. A hero like Superman, beautiful heroine, clown friend, a villain and hordes of goons. A diamond, the desire for the rule of the world and the hero’s all right. The film’s director came to South and made a film and released World Wide under Columbia’s banner.


Story: The story begins with the beginning of a junkie game, which is in the form of a video game this time. The first one is stuck in a girl game and her four friends team This time nothing comes out of the game, but gets absorbed in all the games and reaches the jungle. Where there is a villain, who stole the diamond guard of the forest. Task game players got the diamond back to their place. Bhagadaur and Villain in the jungle, fighting the hordes of his goons, carrying the diamondback there, out of the game.

Acting: There were new threats to every move in Jumanji, there is nothing like this in the film. Neither traps found in the jungle get neither new types of threat nor new animals. Some scenes show that there is a jungle if it is a compulsion to show. Otherwise, the film is spent only in fighting and fleeing villains. As always, Johnson appeared in the incarnation of action and fellow artists tried to play the role of students trapped in the game, but neither was the surprise nor the fear in their language.

See why: The children who see the adventures of Jumanji will be disappointed, the big ones will also take the head, who have seen the first part of Jumanji. Since no other files are released this week, South’s film can be seen in Hollywood style, and it will be stupid to accept the rest of the Jumanji.


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