Technology giants Apple could acquire Netflix, the world’s leading entertainment and video streaming company. City Analyst hopes that Apple is in the process of acquiring. Jim Ana and Asiya Merchant of City Analyst have said that this decision has been taken by the company after passing the policy of US President Donald Trump’s corporate tax deduction.


According to reports, Apple will be able to withdraw cash from other countries because of this deal. Apple has $ 252 billion (around Rs 14 lakh crore) cash in the current period and more of these are outside the US and before the corporate tax deduction of Trump the company could not bring the cash back. After this new policy, Apple can bring its cash back to the US from other countries.

According to the report of Business Insider, iTunes has been quite a hit for Apple, but viewers have moved towards much of NetFlix, Amazon, and Hulu to see their favorite shows. Because of this, Apple has to struggle in the market of TV and film.

The City Analyst says, “Apple has a lot of cash with around $ 250 billion and it is growing at a rate of $ 50 billion every year. Apple has been saving money from bringing cash in the country due to excessive taxation in the US. Apple can use these caches from new tax reforms. About 90 percent of the 250 billion dollar cache is in other countries.

According to reports, if Apple decides to buy Netflix, then the company will have to spend only one-third of its total cash. This report can be the initial good news for Apple’s fans, because if the company does this, then there will definitely be many attractive offers given to the users of Apple’s products.


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