Recently you will read and watch news related to Bitcoin. Prices of this cryptocurrencies grew rapidly and people made crores of rupees from it. There is still about 8.6 lakh rupees, but recently it reached more than 12 lakhs.

Reliance Jio did a great deal with the entry in telecom, is now preparing to bring cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? According to reports, Reliance Jio is now preparing to bring a crypto named JioCoin.

A report in Mint states that Mukesh Ambani eldest son, Akash Ambani, is leading the JioCoin project. There are 50 young professionals in this team and they are working together on blockchain technology.

It has been said in the report that after recruiting 50 companies from the company’s target of 25 years, the team of Akash Ambani will be formed.

Blockchain Technology is a record of a kind of transaction list (Digital Laser) which is linked and secured with cryptocurrencies. Each block has a hash pointer which connects it to the other block. This technology can record transactions between two people. The record information cannot be copied in This database is on a cloud so that it can not be tampered with and there is no shortage of space.

Simply put, blockbuster is a technology that runs the business of Bitcoin.

In the current period, there is no cryptic legality in India, but if jio is preparing any such preparations then it is possible that it is possible to be legalized here in the future. The Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of Finance have recently issued warnings regarding its use. According to reports, Bitqueine’s market cap is $ 600 billion.

Currently, in India, users earn a bit of money from Bitcoin to take an app called pocket pay where Bitcoin can buy and sell. At present, there is no information from Reliance Jio regarding this.


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