Google has launched Gmail new version of Gmail. It’s a light version app of Gmail that looks like the main Gmail app. This app is specially designed for entry-level cheap smartphones, which offers low-end processors. Internet connectivity will be loaded, however, this app will load and email.

Gmail Go

Significantly, Google has launched several Go-series apps from Android Go. These include apps like Google Assistant, Maps Go, and Google Go. Actually, Google makes whatever Go app makes it the sole purpose of the company to make it worth running in cheap smartphones.


Gmail Go takes a lot less space than the main Gmail app. The Gmail App takes 47MB, whereas according to reports, Gmail Go takes only 25 MB of space.

The Gmail Go app also has features similar to the Gmail app. Here too, you can add more than one account, turn on push notifications and send attachments too. There are also different tabs for different email types that you get in the main Gmail app.

Google has not yet announced the launch of Gmail Go. This app is available on Google Play Store

Talking about the features, almost all the features are the same as the main Gmail app. Now this also raises a question that what is the difference between Gmail and Gmail’s main app? If Gmail is coming in such a short space then more features are almost the same, then why would people keep the main Gmail app by giving more space and data? Because this also affects your mobile performance.



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